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AGCO Agriculture Foundation Receives CLAAS Donation for Social Initiatives at the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm in Zambia

LUSAKA, Zambia – AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF), a private foundation committed to ending hunger through sustainable agricultural development, has received a donation from CLAAS in honor of AGCO Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Martin Richenhagen’s upcoming retirement.
The donation will be used to provide interactive, learning-based programs for children and young adults living at the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm community over a six-month period. Mr. Richenhagen was Member of the CLAAS Group Executive Board from 1998 - 2002.
“Our organization, like the AGCO Agriculture Foundation, is committed to food security, and we wanted to commemorate Martin Richenhagen’s retirement in a way that speaks to our shared values,” said CLAAS CEO Thomas Böck. “We are delighted to support this timely and important community development project at the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm in Zambia, and we are looking forward to seeing the impact the project will have in the host community.”
The Martin Richenhagen Future Farm community in Lusaka, Zambia is home to more than 200 people, with the majority being between the ages of four and 20 years old. Project activities will start in December and run through May 2021.
“As a foundation, we are truly grateful to have received this goodwill donation from CLAAS. We are equally thankful to the management of AGCO for allowing us to deploy the funds to implement programs and initiatives that support the advancement of corporate social responsibility aligned with our vision and purpose,” said Lucinda Smith, Chairman, AGCO Agriculture Foundation.
“We believe that the green, mentorship and edutainment programs at the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm community will allow the children and youth to develop leadership skills, improve their creativity and learn how to keep a home garden for healthy nutrition. We are optimistic this project will bring about meaningful changes and growth among the young people and the entire community in the short-term and in the future,” Smith adds.
Three non-profit organizations will provide tailored learning initiatives for the participants within the project period. The CLAAS contribution to the AAF has inspired these organizations to come together and jointly respond to the need of implementing social initiatives for Zambian children and youth in the midst of a global pandemic. These organizations include:
4-H Group will support the green garden project by working with the Future Farm to provide hands-on educational activities by building a greenhouse facility for vegetable gardening and farm demonstration. Up to 50 children and youth from the community will be trained on land preparation for cropping, seed/seedling planting, crop and weed control, simple irrigation techniques, crop harvesting, nutrition and related topics. The experiential learning will enable the children to build on the basics of growing vegetables for healthy eating.
The Leadership Bank, an organization committed to driving change and building networks of values-based leaders, will facilitate series of mentorship and coaching sessions with the Future Farm youth to enhance their leadership traits, soft skills and personal growth. Other activities will help the participants develop skills to improve their confidence, decision-making, and equip them with healthy behaviors towards societal transformation.
Barefeet Theatre, the youth arts organization, will facilitate edutainment activities for the participants to enhance their creative skills towards social change and human development. Social and creative initiatives will be implemented as a means to strengthen their capacity towards improved confidence, creative skills, community inclusion and prevention of engagement in social vices.
Source : AGCO Corp

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