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Agricultural Products Top The List For Saskatchewan Exports

Stats for July show Saskatchewan's exports totalled over $2.5 billion dollars, up 9%
from last year.
Agriculture and Food exports were up 55% over last year
Stats show that wheat exports led the way from January to July, followed by oilseeds (except soybean), dry pea and bean, other grains and soybeans.
Everett Hindley, the Province's Legislative Secretary for Trade and Export Development says
we have what the world needs.
"More so now than ever. We've talked about whether its fuel production out of this province in the
oil and gas sector and uranium or it's the food that we provide through ag exports or things like potash
as well, fertilizer. Saskatchewan truly has what the world needs."
The United States heads the list of the top countries we exported to for January to July followed by China,
Japan, Mexico and Bangladesh.
Hindley says overall the numbers show that Saskatchewan is well positioned to pull out of this pandemic
in a better position than many other jurisdictions.
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