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Agriculture Community Continues to Push Communication to Consumers

Alanna Cook has been a longtime champion for agriculture in Canada.
She served for many years as Deputy Agriculture Minister with the provincial government and now speaks at events like Agri-vision in Lloydminster about the importance of farmers and ranchers talking to Canadians about what it is they do on the farm.
"I think that it is encouraging to think that farmers and ranchers are the most trusted sources for so much information about agriculture and food. I think the challenge is to make sure we continue to communicate in the right way to consumers so that we keep that trust ad connect them and continue to engage them," she explained.
Social media is a great way to communicate with consumers, but Cook understands that for some older farmers that may not be a possibility for them. She said that if they could even sit down with friends and family to have a conversation about food production, it would make a world of a difference.
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