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Alberta Grains calls for farmer nominations: join the first Alberta Grains board of directors

Alberta Grains, the newly named, amalgamated Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions, is eager to announce the call for farmer nominations to be a part of the first Alberta Grains board of directors. Farmers from across all six growing regions in the province can be nominated to run for one of twelve open director positions, comprised of two from each region.

Directors will be essential to leading Alberta Grains and advising on its priorities of research, agronomic extension, government relations and policy, national and international markets, and the FarmCash cash advance program, while supporting the commission’s governance, events and industry-focused publications.

Farmers of all operation sizes and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. “All it takes to be a director is a good head on your shoulders, and a willingness to speak up and strive for positive change, no matter how steep the roadblocks.” says Interim Chair, Tara Sawyer, who farms near Acme, Alberta.

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