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Angus Reid Institute: Most Canadians Say Trump Victory Will Hurt Canada’s Relationship With the U.S.

Almost two-thirds of Canadians (62%) say they are upset with the outcome of the election, including nearly half (45%) who are “very upset.” Similarly, some seven-in-ten (69%) agree with the statement “I’m shocked that Trump won”.

Among the drivers of this sentiment, the sense that a Trump administration will be bad for Canada’s relationship with its most important trading partner.

Most say Trump will have a negative impact on the two countries’ overall relations, while just one-in-ten say he will be a positive force in this regard.

Even greater numbers say Trump will be bad for trade between Canada and the U.S., specifically.

Canadians are anything but mixed in their reaction to the result of the U.S. election.
Three-in-five (62%) view the outcome negatively, and nearly half (45%) say they are “very upset” about the Republican nominee’s triumph, more than twice as many as register any other reaction to the results.

Roughly one-in-five say they feel “neutral” about Trump’s victory (20%), or are pleased at this result (18%).

“Upset” is the most common reaction to the results across all regions, ages, and genders in Canada, but women and young people are especially likely to feel this way. Seven-in-ten in each of these groups say they are upset with the election results.

For his part, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been diplomatic in his response to the election results, promising to work with the president-elect to “move forward in a positive way.”

The Canadian voters who brought Trudeau to power last year, however, are considerably less sunny about the next U.S. president.

Those who voted for Trudeau’s Liberals in the 2015 election overwhelmingly say they are “upset” about Trump’s victory. Indeed, most Liberal voters (55%) are “very upset” about the election results.

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