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Annie’s Project—Education for Farm Women Restructures for the Award Winning Program

Annie’s Project—Education for Farm Women Restructures for the Award Winning Program

Woodlawn, IL (AgPRNov. 23, 2015 -- Annie's Project – Education for Farm Women (APEFW) is excited to announce the launch of their new website,  It is accompanied by an organizational restructure and rebranding design courtesy pro bono by the Meyocks Group to better support educational programs for farm and ranch women.

APEFW is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) organization established for the purpose of providing education to farm and ranch women. Programs are designed specifically for women to improve their business skills and abilities to manage farm and ranch assets. The end result are women who become effective owners and partners in farm businesses.  Programs offered through APEFW are called Annie’s Projects.

APEFW has developed a series of classes that address a variety of issues confronted by females in agriculture.  Through six educational sessions, Annie’s Project basic level fosters problem solving, record keeping, and decision-making skills from the five areas of risk as identified by USDA.

Managing for Today and Tomorrow, an Annie’s Project level II course, teaches business, estate, retirement and succession planning. Farm women will develop networks and skills key to planning successful farm transitions.

Programs are localized and conducted in small groups.  An all-female enrollment provides a safe, stress-free learning environment.  Women are encouraged to contribute their life experiences to facilitate learning from each other and develop mentoring relationships.  Local specialists provide the skilled guidance needed for a dynamic learning environment that encourages women to share experiences and take part in hands-on learning activities.

Additional Annie’s Project programs specific to local needs have had a significant impact, assisting women to develop additional skills in the areas of information management, financial recordkeeping, land ownership and leasing, and commodity marketing.  Since the first Annie’s Project class in February of 2003, over twelve thousand farm and ranch women in 33 states have become alumnae of the program.

Advances in technology and a growing demand for the program have been drivers of change.  Social media and a redesigned website have been streamlined to improve services to the women who are seeking classes as well as to the facilitators who are trained by APEFW to deliver quality programs.

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