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Announcing Waldo Genetics 2nd Annual Swine Scholarship Recipients

Dewitt, Nebraska -- Waldo Genetics®, a swine genetics industry leader, is pleased to announce its second annual Waldo Genetics Swine Industry Scholarship recipients.

World Pork Expo is an exciting event for the pork industry, but for Waldo Genetics this annual event has special meaning. For the second year in a row, Waldo Genetics has had the honor of presenting 2 students with scholarships during the Expo.

The annual scholarship is made available to eligible returning college students enrolled in an accredited Bachelor or Post-Grad program in Agriculture or Animal Science with an emphasis on the swine industry. Each year, Waldo Genetics awards 2 such students $1,000 each to support their academic pursuits.

“We really enjoy giving back to our community. In fact, we believe doing so provides a unique opportunity for our customers to positively affect the lives of students pursuing a career in the swine industry and this is particularly rewarding,” said Linda Gibbs, Waldo Genetics CEO. “Announcing and presenting the scholarship each year at the World Pork Expo provides a great venue to publically showcase the young talent entering our industry. The future of our industry relies on the knowledge and passion of today’s students that will become tomorrow’s industry innovators. The industry’s future is in good hands.”

Tasha Gruhot, a student at Iowa State University and Cameron Menard, a student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, each received $1,000 scholarships during the 2015 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.

These 2 winners were chosen based on their comprehensive knowledge of and passion for the swine industry and their personal determination to positively influence the industry.

“Choosing 2 finalists from the many impressive candidates was difficult. Just as last year, I’m, again, very impressed with the caliber of applicants to our scholarship program. These students are passionate about their studies and eager to make their mark as industry innovators,” said Gibbs.

Tasha Gruhot explains, “My goal is to become a veterinarian focused on the food animal industry within my community. Through research opportunities during my undergraduate studies, I’ve developed a respect for and interest in the swine production industry. I’m excited about the work being done to improve the swine industry through research and look forward to integrating my knowledge with producers.”

Cameron Menard shares, “I believe the most vital opportunity the industry has yet to take advantage of is transparency. We must promote not only our product, but also why we’re passionate about our work. It’s time we explain why we do what we do and help the public understand that no one is more concerned about the well-being of commercial hogs than the people dedicating their lives to working with them."

Source: Waldo Genetics

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