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APAS Pleased To See Agriculture Recognized In The Federal Budget

Monday's Federal Budget saw some money earmarked for rebates on farmer's use of natural gas and propane.
Ottawa suggesting farmers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario could see $100 million dollars in payments.
APAS (a-pass) President Todd Lewis says thats a rebate to those provinces that are under the Federal Carbon Plan right now.
"What the process will be, how that will come back to to producers, is still to be determined."
Lewis says we saw a real focus on climate change in this budget.
"You know, I think there will be opportunities there for agriculture. Especially things like biofuels. You know, recently we're hearing lots about new crush plants and canola processing or bio diesel within the province. Will there be some money available through some of these ones to help with those projects? So, it'll be interesting and hopefully we'll be able to lever some of this federal money and see Saskatchewan take advantage of some of it."
He was also pleased to see Agriculture recognized as one of the major economic drivers in Canada, being described as a pillar of the economy.
He notes the industry is well positioned to help lead the country's recovery from COVID.
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