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Art's Way Releases Financial Results for Fiscal 2023

Art's Way Manufacturing announced its financial results for fiscal 2023.

Agricultural Products: The Agricultural Products segment's net sales for the 2023 fiscal year were $22,467,000 compared to $20,912,000 during the 2022 fiscal year, an increase of $1,555,000, or 7.4%. Commodity prices in the agricultural market remained strong for the majority of fiscal 2023, and production execution on pent-up backlog led to the increase in sales in fiscal 2023. Incoming orders began to slow near the end of fiscal 2023 as supply chains in the industry began to catch up to demand. Gross profit percentage for the 2023 fiscal year was 29.3% compared to 30.8% for the 2022 fiscal year. Component prices and manufacturing overhead continued to increase from inflationary forces in fiscal 2023, and this, coupled with increased sales of its manure spreader line was the primary driver for the decrease in gross profit percentage. Art’s Way continued to take steps to drive production efficiency in fiscal 2023, most notably with the creation of new fixturing to weld a higher volume of parts in its robotic weld cells. It identified additional ways to improve profit margin through automation and plans to continue to make that a focus in fiscal 2024.

Modular Buildings: The Modular Buildings segment's net sales for the 2023 fiscal year were $7,814,000 compared to $4,734,000 for the 2022 fiscal year, an increase of $3,080,000, or 65.1%. Art’s Way saw an increase in agricultural sales in fiscal 2023 from the continued strength of the agricultural market and also landed a large research project that drove up sales. Gross profit for the 2023 fiscal year was 25.6% compared to 10.5% during the 2022 fiscal year. Sales volume played a key factor in increasing gross profit for fiscal 2023. Art’s Way increased billing rates to combat rising labor and overhead costs from fiscal 2022, which improved margins in fiscal 2023. It also took steps in fiscal 2023 to improve its project management team to drive up profitability on projects and to provide better service to customers. Art’s Way believes its brand and sales lead funnel is providing increased upside sales potential in fiscal 2024.

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