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ATS Provides Innovative Nuclear Decommissioning Solution to Holtec International

CAMBRIDGE, ON - ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc., an industry-leading automation solutions provider, today provided an update on its innovative nuclear decommissioning program for Holtec International, a diversified energy technology company and new ATS customer. The Order Booking was received in ATS' third quarter of fiscal 2021 and is expected to be delivered over the next 9 months.
ATS' scope of work includes the design, build and test of specialized tooling equipment to support the decommissioning of retired nuclear plants in Holtec's U.S. based fleet. The equipment is critical to the safe and efficient decommissioning of a nuclear power plant and will be tested underwater at ATS' full-scale mock-up test facility. Included in the Order Booking is customer training in the use of these sophisticated tools.
"This highly strategic program for an industry leader in nuclear decommissioning builds on our decades-long track record in providing automated systems for safely dismantling reactors," said Andrew Hider, CEO of ATS.  "We look forward to delivering this important project and building our nuclear decommissioning business in the United States and globally," added Narinder Bains, General Manager at ATS Industrial Automation.
"We pride ourselves on being A Generation Ahead by Design, which in practical terms means meeting the emerging needs of the energy industry through innovation," said PK Chaudhary, Holtec's Senior Vice President of Operations. "One of those needs is decommissioning, which is a sophisticated and time-consuming activity requiring the best people, planning, processes and equipment. We chose ATS to assist us because of their demonstrated nuclear industry expertise and technology, and their ability to develop a low-risk, innovative and modular solution."
Source : ATS

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