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Avian Influenza Detected in Non-Commercial Flock in Indiana

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health has reported that a non-commercial flock of 23 birds in Posey County has tested positive for the H5 avian influenza virus at the Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. This detection marks the first Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza case in Indiana this year.

While the initial test was a presumptive positive, the samples have been sent to the national USDA laboratory for confirmatory testing, and results are expected in the next few days. The affected flock is not available for sale or consumption.

The avian influenza virus is a highly contagious disease that affects both domestic and wild birds. Infected birds can die quickly, and the virus can spread rapidly through a flock. It is important for bird owners to practice good biosecurity measures, such as maintaining a clean environment, keeping wild birds away from domesticated birds, and monitoring the health of their flocks.

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health is working closely with the USDA and local veterinarians to monitor and contain the situation. Anyone who suspects a bird may be infected should contact their local veterinarian or the Indiana State Board of Animal Health immediately

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