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Barlow Says Liberals Are Carbon Taxing Canadian Agriculture Into Bankruptcy

Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food John Barlow says the Liberal Agriculture Minister is ignoring evidence in failing to exempt farmers from the Carbon Tax.
“Now we've seen some of these agricultural groups like APAS in Saskatchewan, KAP in Manitoba, who have come forward with some definitive numbers, which show anecdotally or not anecdotally, but factually what the cost of this carbon tax is to farming and agriculture; and it is like we expected, it is devastating.”
Barlow says the proof is in, the Liberals are carbon taxing Canadian agriculture into bankruptcy.
“This has proven to be extremely costly to farming and ranching, and the processing side of agriculture. They can't afford it, this is money they don't have. We've seen this is costing the average grain farmer in Saskatchewan anywhere between $10,000 and $13,000. That will go up, you know, substantially in two years when the carbon tax goes to $50 a ton. And as we've seen from, from APAS and President Todd Lewis this is like taking 12% of your revenue and it just disappearing; farming can't afford that.”
According to APAS in 2022 Saskatchewan farmers can expect to pay $17,000 per year in carbon tax.
He says instead of being punished for their conservation efforts Canadian producers should be given credit for their innovation because they are among the most efficient managers of water, soil and animal health in the world.
Barlow says they want to see the Liberals exempt Agriculture from the Carbon Tax or at least expand the exemptions to all farm fuels including natural gas and propane – which would cover costs associated with heating barns and drying grain.
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