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Bayer dives into the strawberry arena

The world of strawberries welcomes a significant player: Bayer. The company announced its entry by acquiring assets from the UK's National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB). This acquisition allows Bayer's Crop Science Division to venture into the flourishing protected strawberry sector. 

Strawberries have become a supermarket star, with their sales capturing more than 23% of the fresh fruit segment. Inci Dannenberg, Bayer’s Vegetables business head, underscores the growth potential in this market. 

NIAB's rich history in strawberry research is noteworthy, having a legacy over 40 years at the Kent County-based East Malling Research Station. With Bayer stepping in, NIAB's CEO, Mario Caccamo, envisions enhanced innovation and global accessibility to their high-quality strawberries. 

One highlight of Bayer's approach is protected cropping. This method grants growers enhanced management over their crops. It minimizes environmental threats, optimizes water use, and offers strawberries with an extended shelf life, owing to localized growth. 

Bayer's strategic approach extends beyond just the acquisition. As JD Rossouw of Bayer's Crop Science Division shares, the company’s expertise in precision breeding will be channeled to elevate the strawberry market even further. 

The berry-fresh collaboration is anticipated to wrap up by January 1, 2024. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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