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Bean Report

Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers (MPSG) is giving an update on this year's crops.
Cassandra Tkachuk is a production specialist with the organization.
"Soybeans currently range from early pod to early seed development (R3-R5)," she said. "Most soybeans in the province are sitting at full pod or R4. Dry beans in Manitoba range anywhere from early pod to 50 per cent seed development with most at the R3 to R4 stage, with advanced pods. Peas range anywhere from late pod to early maturity and all the way to full maturity in some of the more advanced fields with most peas sitting at mid-maturity."
Tkachuk says faba beans are mainly at R5 with full seeds in the pods and lentils are now at the full pod or R6 stage.
She adds overall, crops are looking great with really good yield potential this year thanks to the adequate moisture. There are still some pockets in Manitoba with plants under stress from lack of moisture.
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