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Best Fabric Building Engineering & Installations Firm 2019

Drawing on its vast experience in the industry, Calhoun Super Structure designs, engineers, and manufactures fabric structures for any industry and application up to 250 feet wide and for any length. Deanna Hope, Marketing Manager, talks us through the firm and provides us with an insight into their range of services and how they benefit their customers. 
With an extensive dealer network across North America, Calhoun Super Structure has the representation and support to locally serve its valued customers in key industries like mining, fertilizer, salt and sand, waste and recycling, oil and gas, sports and recreation, equestrian, agriculture, warehousing, and much more. The firm’s dedicated team of expert engineers applies its unique 3D Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis to custom-engineer their structures, and hot-dip galvanizes their steel framework to protect their fabric structures from corrosion. Deanna discusses this process in greater detail to showcase how it sets Calhoun Super Structure apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best possible option for customers. 
“Every building produced by Calhoun Super Structure undergoes a vigorous site-specific review. We believe this is the only way to ensure our customers receive the most efficient and reliable structure on the market. For example, the careful review of the building usage is needed to ensure the correct application-related parameters are selected for the design. Buildings in low hazard applications are not required to have the same reliability as buildings occupied by people. 
“In assessing loads, our engineers consider the probability of the roof becoming sheltered by adjacent structures or trees. Such changes could cause either higher-average loads or drift loads. Wind effects in built-up urban environments require a detailed review by experienced engineers to ensure they are correctly evaluated. The enclosure of a building also plays a significant role in the demand on the structure. Our entire process is quite involved and should only  be left to our most experienced engineer professionals.” 
This involved process helps Calhoun Super Structure to achieve its mission and remain a key player in today’s fabric structures market, as Deanna highlights. 
“As an industry leader, our vision and subsequent mission are to be the safest, most reliable, and durable fabric structure, leveraging years of benchmark engineering and exceptional service. We reinforce our aims by tying it back to our goals, making our statements visible throughout our offices and website, and continually share customer success stories that recognize the core ideology of what we stand for – safety, reliability, and longevity.” 
Discussing the firm’s success over the past 12 months, Deanna explores how far the company has come thanks to its customer-focused approach and commitment to innovation.
Success is an evolving thing, and it takes the right combination of people, process,  patience, and proactivity to continually strive for it. This past year has been a banner year for Calhoun in terms of surpassing goals, exponential growth, and the caliber of projects we have successfully completed for our customers. It truly is an honor to be  recognized for that, and it truly would not have been  possible without the dedication of
our team and partners.”
Looking ahead, Calhoun Super Structure has a bright future in front of it, with the company seeking to build upon its current success and grow even further, as Deanna is proud to conclude. 
“Moving forward, we look to further expand our reach into untapped industries and markets by offering new products and expanding our dealer network. To prepare for added growth, we are implementing new tools to speed up our process and become more efficient. The upgrades will allow us to know what is happening on the manufacturing floor at all times, shortening our lead times and allowing us to provide more accurate delivery expectations to our customers.”


Source : calhounsuperstructure

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