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Big farm equipment sales track above average

Sales of new combines and two- and four-wheel drive tractors in Canada have tracked above the five-year average so far this year, according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

Canadian sales in these three categories trailed last year’s month-over-month numbers, until August when the number of units sold climbed above the number of machines sold last August.

“The Canadian numbers are a positive sign across the board, year over year. For the month of August, we saw some nice growth in all categories, especially some strength in the percentage of growth of self-propelled combines and articulated four-wheel drive tractors,” said Curt Blades from AEM.

“It’s largely attributed to, I think, some optimism and perhaps some strength in the overall farm economy.”

In Canada, overall sales in tractors were up 7.2 percent in August, gaining in all segments, including four-wheel drive tractors with 64 tractors sold, up 326.7 percent compared to August 2021.

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