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Brent Robinson re-elected Chair as CCSI celebrates 25 years!

Ottawa, Ontario - The Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement (CCSI) held their annual general meeting on July 8, 2020, celebrating 25 years in business. This year’s meeting was held virtually by video conference which allowed for broader attendance including international attendees from France and China. Highlights from the meeting included the release of a new strategic plan and presentation of the Swine Breeders’ Merit Award to Jacques Poulin and Céline Bolduc, and the B.W. Kennedy Memorial Award to Chris Crump. Murray Pettitt from Prairie Swine Centre and Jacques Faucher from the Centre de développement du porc du Québec were guest speakers and talked about the research partnership they have together with CCSI and the importance of increasing collaboration. Laurence Maignel from CCSI gave a presentation on the use of a new technology to automate the collection of weight and ultrasonic probe measurements on live animals.
Brent Robinson was elected to a fourth term as Chair of CCSI. Brent is co-owner of Vista Villa Farms near Walton, Ontario. Vista Villa Farms, a breeding stock supplier both domestically and internationally, was started by Bob and Rose Robinson. Vista Villa Farms is a partner of Alliance Genetics Canada (AGC). Along with being the chair of CCSI, Brent is also a director on the board at Ontario Swine Improvement. Brent is married to Susan and they have 5 boys. Brent is looking forward to the new year and noted that “During these challenging times, we will continue to work together to keep CCSI as a key contributor to the Canadian swine genetics industry.”
Joining Mr. Robinson on this year’s Board of Directors are returning directors, Marquis Roy (AlphaGene) who was elected as First Vice Chair, Dave Vandenbroek (Alliance Genetics Canada) elected as Second Vice Chair, Rod de Wolde (Ontario Swine Improvement), Jacques Faucher (Centre de développement du porc du Québec), Wim Van Berkel (Western Swine Testing Association), Audrey Cameron (Canadian Pork Council), Colleen Roehrig (Canadian Meat Council) and Lee Whittington (Coaching Excellence Organization). CCSI would like to thank departing director Ken Hamoen (Sand Ridge Farm) for his dedication and service to CCSI on the Board of Directors.
The Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement was created by the Canadian Pork Industry to provide leadership, coordination and services for swine genetic improvement. Its members are the regional swine improvement centers in Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, the Canadian Pork Council, the Canadian Meat Council, the Canadian Swine Breeders Association and users of the Canadian Swine Improvement Program.
Source : CCSI