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Burnett Outlines Production Estimates At Ag In Motion Discovery Plus

Ag in Motion Discovery Plus event is underway this week.
Bruce Burnett, the Director of Weather and Market Information with MarketsFarm gave a weather and crop update on Thursday including production estimates.
According to Burnett, Canola production could reach 18 to 20 million metric tonnes with an average of 19.5 million metric tonnes - which is lower than 2017-18.
He expects to see a recovery for durum this year.
"Production prospects in the main durum growing areas in the south look very good. Of course, there's some disease concerns from the excess moisture. You got some fusarium issues maybe in durum,  across the canola belt even, sclerotinia's got to be a concern this year because of the frequency of the rainfall we've been receiving. But for durum especially we're very sensitive about the fusarium levels. Average production estimates about 5.6 million tonnes, which is above last year. But given the demand that we're seeing in the durum market, I don't think there'll be any problem in terms of the amount of durum exports that will be required from this years crop. So even a higher production number, you see the yields go up to record levels or a little above. There's probably markets for it in the international marketplace."
Spring wheat production could reach 23.3 to 25 point 4 million tonnes, and most likely around 24.4 million tonnes, the second-highest over the past five years.
He says the spring wheat production area is slightly lower than last year, based on the excess moisture and reduced area in parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta.
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