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Call for producer input on seed royalty changes

OTTAWA, ON - An important survey launched in July by the Alberta Federation of Agriculture, the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan and the Keystone Ag Producers of Manitoba is seeking Canadian farmer input on proposed changes to seed royalty structures for cereal crops in an online survey. 
This survey, originally targeting Western Canadian farmers, has been expanded collect producer feedback from across Canada. CFA urges farmers from across Canada, particularly those outside the prairie provinces, to take part in the survey and give their input before the survey closes on October 15th. 
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency held a series of public meetings over the winter to gauge feedback on two potential new models of collecting royalties on saved seed. The government consultation process is currently on hold; however, farm groups would like to hear more from producers across the country on the proposed changes before the consultations resume later this year. The findings from this survey will help inform CFA and its members work in ensuring producers' voices are closely considered in any future discussions.   
"A new seed royalty model will result in huge changes for farmers , potentially affecting access to farmer-saved seed, new cereal varieties, and ultimately, farmers' long-term competitiveness. We need as much input and consultation as possible when it comes to evaluating these proposed changes to ensure that farmers interests are represented in the upcoming model," said Mary Robinson, President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.
"It's crucial that producers take the time to get involved in this process. Input from those who these changes will directly affect will make sure that their needs are met in the resulting model."
The short, eight question survey can be found here.
After the survey closes, the results will be compiled and presented to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food after the Federal election.
Source : CFA