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Canada is falling behind for sustainable innovations in agri-food

To remain globally competitive with sustainable innovations in agri-food, both the public and private sectors in Canada must increase investment in the industry. That’s the conclusion of a new report, Sustainable Innovation in the Canadian Agri-food Sector: Past, Present & Future, by Dr. Jared Carlberg, University of Manitoba.

Unfortunately, studies reveal that both sectors’ support for agri-food innovation has declined in recent years with Canada’s support for agricultural innovation ranking seventh globally,at 0.046 per cent of GDP, which is considerably below historical averages. Private-sector investment has also declined, with Canada ranking 25th globally in 2014, down from 18th place in 2008.

As a world leader in building a sustainable, profitable and safe agri-food system, Canada can be a pre-eminent hub for innovation. However, senior levels of government must commit to developing Canada’s potential and to creating an environment that encourages private investment.

The Simpson Centre for Food and Agricultural Policy at the School of Public Policy, with author Dr. Jared Carlberg, examines the interlinkages between innovation and sustainability in the Canadian agricultural sector with solid policy recommendations about sustainable agricultural innovation policy in Canada.

First, invest in Canadian agri-innovation at the rate of 0.10 per cent of GDP.

Second, stimulate private sector investment in innovation.

Third, enhance the protection of intellectual property rights.

For the report, Sustainable Innovation in the Canadian Agri-food Sector: Past, Present & Future, link here: 

Source : The Grower

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