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Canadian Ag-Tech company awarded US patent on their SWAT Box proprietary soil mapping device

Naicam, Saskatchewan – Croptimistic Technology Inc. has been awarded a US Patent for their SWAT Box technology. The SWAT Box is a proprietary autonomous soil electrical conductivity and elevation mapping hardware system. The SWAT Box collects the data used to create SWAT Maps, a variable rate zone management system.
Two Croptimistic employees, Derek Rude, VP of Research and Development, and Stuart Hassall, Senior Developer, were instrumental in the development of the SWAT Box technology. “Our team was successful in developing an easy-to-use soil mapping system for our SWAT Maps partner network. It's a flexible solution, it can be mounted to trucks, ATVs, and even agricultural equipment for economical soil data collection,” says Rude. “A key feature is the automation; no user interaction is required. As soon as the sensor starts moving, data is automatically logged and uploaded to the SWAT Records server where the soil data is used as a critical layer for the creation of SWAT management zone maps.”
Stuart Hassall, Senior Developer, "we wanted to make the field mapping process as simple, low maintenance, and flexible as possible. That's why we developed the SWAT Box, a system that can quickly and easily connect to any field capable vehicle. The data collected can be monitored in real-time using any device with a web browser and it automatically syncs to the cloud for processing, allowing the operator to focus on the task at hand."
The SWAT Box is the first step of the Soil, Water and Topography (SWAT) mapping process; without this technology the critical data needed would not be collected.  The SWAT ecosystem is a suite of products developed by Croptimistic Technology Inc. They all work seamlessly together and are sold to agriculture service providers around the world helping farmers make more informed farm management decisions.
The SWAT Box is the second patent Croptimistic has been awarded to date. Their very first patent was awarded in 2016 for their SWAT Maps zone development process, which provides world leading soil, water and topography maps using their patented algorithm. This will not be the last patent they receive as the team continues to work tirelessly at new products aimed to improve the SWAT ecosystem.
Source : swatmaps

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