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Canadian Federation of Agriculture Looks Back On 2019

During her year-end interview, Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) President Mary Robinson says farmers faced a number of challenges in 2019.
"We had cold and wet, we had dry and hot, so I think from coast to coast there were a lot of challenges in regard to getting the crop in, tending to it all season and then getting it harvested successfully. Whether that was for poor conditions or lack of propane that you might need to dry a crop off when you harvest it. So there was a lot of complications along the year for sure."
Robinson says trade with China was also a big focus during the past year.
"We certainly got a quick education on what it means to be shut out from Chinese markets for canola producers. Weathering that storm has been very difficult and we've been pushing throughout the year for some movement on the part of government to be reactive to that."
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