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Canadian Foodgrains Bank Scaling Back Harvest Celebrations

Harvest is fast approaching for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.
Gordon Janzen is the Regional Rep for Manitoba.
"Right now some of the crops are getting ripe and we're looking at harvest starting pretty soon on many of the growing projects," he said. "From what I'm hearing from growing project leaders, there's a really good crop out there. We've had really good rains."
Janzen notes they will be scaling down their harvest celebrations this year due to COVID-19.
"We're not going to have many of the public gatherings that we had in previous years. Some of the groups may still have community events where people gather together and we're going to try to have social distancing whenever that happens. We're not going to have big organized events."
Janzen adds their fall banquets will likely be replaced by online events.
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