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Canadian Pork Council leadership changes to guide organization into next challenges

The Canadian Pork Council’s (CPC) Board of Directors has named a new board chair and a new vice-chair as part of the organization’s first steps into the New Year. At a board meeting in Banff, Alberta, on the eve of this year’s Banff Pork Forum, René Roy, a pork producer from Quebec, was elected as the new chair, and Scott Peters of Manitoba has been elected as the new first vice-chair. 

At the same time, Rick Bergmann, the organization’s longest-serving chair in its history, retired from the board after eight years as chair and a total of 15 years of service to the national organization. “I would like to thank my friend Rick for representing our 7,000 Canadian pork producers for the past eight years as Chair,” said Roy. “Being chair of this organization is important and rewarding work, and Rick has tirelessly taken time away from his farm, business, and family to advance national files on behalf of all producers.”

“By all measures, Rick has navigated our industry through several challenging issues since joining the board in 2008, such as the global pandemic, WTO challenges, CPTPP and NAFTA trade negotiations, so many other issues. He should be congratulated for his successes.” For his part, Bergmann congratulated his successor and congratulated the board for the work it has been doing during his time.

“René Roy and Scott Peters will help lead the industry into the future, and I have faith in the board’s direction and in the organization’s ability to serve the best industry in Canada, the Canadian pork industry,” said Bergmann. “I am proud of my time as Chair of CPC. Nowhere have I met better people than the producers and staff involved with this organization.”

Canadian Pork Council’s newly elected executive team is already at work, with ongoing work on the plans related to the potential response and recovery plan for an ASF disaster in Canada, as well as the CPC’s effort to draft and implement a new strategic plan in 2023. Brent Moen, from Alberta, and Jack Dewit, from British Columbia, will continue to serve the industry as Second Vice-Chair and treasurer respectively. 

The Canadian Pork Council is the national voice for hog producers in Canada. A federation of nine provincial pork industry associations representing 7,000 farms, the organization plays a leadership role in achieving and maintaining a dynamic and prosperous Canadian pork sector.

Source : Cpc-ccp

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