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Canola Council Calling For Action As One-Year Anniversary Of China-Canola Dispute Approaches

The Canola Council of Canada (CCC) is calling on the federal government to resolve the dispute with China and to support industry diversification efforts.
This as the first anniversary of China’s decision to block imports of Canadian canola approaches.
CCC would like to see a continued focus on having open market access to China reinstated, diversifying abroad by improving access to Asian markets and diversifying here at home by increasing the use of biofuels to grow Canada’s economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
“The canola sector is being targeted by China over a dispute with Canada,” says CCC President Jim Everson. “Farmers and the industry they’re part of cannot continue to shoulder the impact of something entirely out of their control.”
Canola seed exports to China were down approximately 70 per cent in 2019 due to trade disruptions, resulting in an estimated $1 billion in lost revenue from canola. Prior to last year’s market access challenges, China accounted for approximately 40 per cent of all Canadian canola seed, oil and meal exports.
“Industry and governments are working closely to return to unimpeded trade with China. Government needs to maintain an unrelenting focus on this goal," said Everson. "Despite dozens of meetings with government, only token actions have been taken...More needs to be done to support diversification.”
Canola exporters and the CCC are working to diversify exports into new markets, especially in fast growing markets in Asia.
The Council is urging government to establish a stronger presence and more regular contact with regulators and policy makers especially in key Asian markets.
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