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CDK Global Heavy Equipment Updates MyDealer E-Commerce Portal

Heavy equipment dealership customers desiring seamless online parts shopping will have a one-stop shop experience for their business needs. CDK Global, a leading automotive retail software provider, announced MyDealer's recent integration with ARI Network Services, Inc. (ARI) and now offers direct access to major equipment manufacturers and shortline brands through their comprehensive online catalog feature. 

The inclusion of heavy equipment OEM parts available to dealer customers via online catalogs is a first for the industry. Through the CDK MyDealer portal, customers can access vital equipment and replacement parts descriptions and availability through 24/7 mobile service for delivery or pickup. Products can be added to customers' virtual shopping carts with payments completed online through credit card transactions — all without having to search multiple catalog channels or leave their place of business. 

"With the recent addition of ARI, we're proud to be the first solution provider to offer a fully-integrated OEM catalog for heavy equipment dealer customers, all under one umbrella," said Kris Denos, vice president and general manger, recreation and heavy equipment at CDK Global. "MyDealer offers convenience and a hassle-free experience that today's customers expect in order to keep their businesses operating smoothly."

CDK MyDealer is a reliable and efficient solution enabling heavy equipment dealerships to better serve their customers, with nearly $70 million in parts transactions passing through the customer portal since its inception in 2020. Through MyDealer's virtual site, customers can also:

  • View invoices, statements and prior orders, and make automated clearing house (ACH) payments
  • Manage owned or rented equipment
  • Access detailed account and dealership contact information
  • Quickly review and approve quotes or ask for more details
  • Request service appointments
  • Used real-time video calling platform for remote troubeshooting
  • Review news and alerts

CDK MyDealer's features are completely integrated with the dealer's IntelliDealer DMS (Dealer Management System)

Source : Farm Equipment

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