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Celebrating World Egg Day From Farm To Plate

Whether it's over easy, poached, scrambled or in your favourite cake, today is the day to reach into the fridge and crack open a carton of eggs in celebration of the hard work and dedication put into raising such a quality product.
Friday, October 11 is World Egg Day, and Egg Farmers of Alberta Marketing and Communications Manager, David Webb, says it isn't just a job for the over 170 egg farming families across the Province.
"They walk the barns several times throughout the day, they get to know their flocks. They have state-of-the-art equipment to monitor everything from the pH level of the water, the amount of feed that each of the birds is eating on a daily basis, the weight of the birds."
Webb says farmers even have apps on their phones which tell them if barn conditions deviate from what's optimal for the animals.
World Egg Day also raises the question of how eggs get from the farm to your plate?
Webb explains there's a cooler on the farms regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency where they can keep eggs for up to a week.
He says the eggs are then picked up by the grading station at least once a week or more, depending on the size of the operation.
There a two grading stations in the Province, both being in Calgary, he says.
"That's where they're washed and inspected, graded according to their weight and that's how you get an extra large, jumbo or medium size egg."
He says the eggs then go to the grocery store or restaurants, and it typically takes a week from the time the egg is laid to get onto the shelves.
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