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Cereals Canada Launches its 2024 Growing Season Progress Report

With this year's wheat crop underway, Cereals Canada has resumed regular updates to its Growing Season Progress Report. Canadians, global customers of Canadian wheat, and members of the value chain are encouraged to visit the report for timely updates on the 2024 Prairie wheat crop as it develops. 

"The Growing Season Progress Report includes information about Western Canadian wheat, including environmental factors that could impact crop quality or development," says Leif Carlson, director of market intelligence and trade policy. "With most wheat acres located in this region, the report provides global buyers with a glimpse into how the Canadian wheat crop is progressing, from seeding to harvest." 

Throughout the growing season, Cereals Canada works with provincial departments of agriculture in in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to provide timely updates on seeding, crop conditions and quality, and harvest progress for wheat. The information is presented in an interactive, user-friendly format with provincial highlights, maps, and links to crop reports, as well as historical data for the past three years.  

"Global customers want to be kept informed about how the Canadian wheat crop is progressing over the growing season," says Carlson. "We make it easy for them to quickly get all their information in one place." 

The Growing Season Progress Report will continue to be updated at until harvest is complete across all three Prairie provinces. 

Watch: Matilda van Aggelen, market and trade specialist, introduces the 2024 Growing Season Progress Report 

About Cereals Canada 
Cereals Canada is the national, not-for-profit, industry association representing the Canadian cereal grains value chain. We value relationships and work with government and stakeholders to provide timely, expert technical information and deliver best-in-class customer experience. We are dedicated to supporting the Canadian cereals value chain including farmers, exporters, developers, processors, and our customers around the world with a focus on trade, science, and sustainability. 

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