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CFO Farmer-Members Participate in the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference

BURLINGTON, ON – CFO Farmer-Members attended the two-day virtual Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference where like-minded individuals passionate about agriculture came together for informative, inspiring, and motivational discussions with influential leaders.

Each year, CFO sponsors a group of Farmer-Members to attend the conference and participate in workshops where they learn tools and techniques to become strong leaders in their community and within the Ontario chicken industry. This year, CFO sponsored the following Farmer-Members to attend the event: Melissa Brown, Carolyn Cornelissen, Angela De Groot, Andrea Donkers, Jacqueline Gingerich, Anita Harvey, Tanya Kroes, Teresa Smith, Anneke Stickney, and Marleen van Ham.

“The Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference is a marquee event that helps propel CFO Farmer-Members to pursue leadership on their farms, in their communities, and within CFO and the broader Ontario agriculture sector,” said Ed Benjamins, Chair, Chicken Farmers of Ontario. “We are excited to see how the participants will continue to grow and help move the Ontario chicken industry forward.”

Nearly half of all CFO Farmer-Members are women, and CFO’s Board of Directors are committed to continuing to support and encourage women in the chicken business to get further involved in the collective industry.

“Building a strong network and encouraging greater diversity and leadership throughout CFO and the chicken supply chain is an important part of CFO’s vision for the future,” said Denise Hockaday, CEO, Chicken Farmers of Ontario. “The Board and CFO continues to support training and leadership, and the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference is an excellent opportunity for farmers to network, share their knowledge, and develop lasting skills from which the entire industry can benefit.”

Source : CFO

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