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CFO is Feeding the Frontline

BURLINGTON, ON – Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) announces the launch of the “Feeding the Frontline” campaign to thank and recognize Ontario’s frontline workers that continue to deliver essential goods and services – helping to keep us safe, healthy, and fed.

Through the CFO Cares program, chicken farmers will award fifteen frontline workers with a chicken dinner for them and their family*, and the opportunity to direct a substantial donation of chicken to a local food bank or organization of their choice.**

Nominations are now open. Local, provincial, and federal elected officials, as well as CFO farmers, are invited to nominate their community frontline heroes.

Nominations will close on July 23, 2021. Winners will be selected by random draw in late July.

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge Ontario families, routines and local businesses,” said Murray Opsteen, Co-Chair of the CFO Cares Working Group and 1st Vice-Chair of CFO. “Ontario chicken farmers thank all frontline workers for their ongoing commitment and service to local communities across the province, and as a token of our appreciation the CFO Cares program is launching the Feeding the Frontline campaign.”

To be eligible, nominees must be frontline essential workers consistent with Ontario government definitions, including but not limited to: first responders, health care workers, education workers, agri-food manufacturing workers, community support and social workers, and critical retail workers.

Source : CFO

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