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CGC Pleased With Harvest Sample Program Response

There's been a great response so far to this year's Harvest Sample Program being administered by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC).
Chemist Twylla McKendry explains what they do with the information that is collected.
"The samples come in, the producers get their results back. They will get their grade, their protein, if there's any degrading factors in their sample. We then composite samples by grade and class and those samples are then milled, baked and we do a whole gamut of analytical testing. That information goes onto our website so buyers across the world can see what the current year's crop is like."
McKendry says so far this year they have collected over 14,000 samples of grain from across the country and have sent out about 9,300 results emails to farmers, which is a new service this year.
She notes the quality of this year's crop is much better than what it was in 2016. McKendry says in the Red Spring Wheat, 90 per cent of the crop is in the top two grades and farmers have been happy with yields. However, protein has been a concern, coming in at around 13 per cent.
Source : Steinbachonline

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