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Choosing the Right Engine Oil

Choosing the Right Engine Oil

You rely on your equipment for so much on your operation ? which means any downtime during short production windows can make a dent in your yield and profits. Protect your machines and investments and keep your operation moving forward by choosing the right engine oil.

High-quality oils are specifically designed to withstand heavy wear, providing lubrication to protect the internal engine components during those long hours of work. Today’s high-powered modern engines are hardy workhorses, which can result in high pressure and elevated temperatures, leading to wear, tear and decreased efficiency without the right oil.

Why Quality Matters

Understanding the importance of high-quality oil requires a quick dive into chemistry. When engine oil is exposed to oxygen, it undergoes a permanent chemical reaction. This process is known as oxidation, and it is the primary cause of many issues related to engine oil. Heat accelerates the oxidation process in engine oil, which is why oil for modern engines includes special additives to increase oxidation resistance.

Daily and Long-term Performance

The quality of your engine oil can drastically affect your tractor’s efficiency and performance. Oxidation, especially under high heat, causes oil degradation, resulting in engine oil that is thicker and more viscous. This can cause deposit buildup and greater oil consumption, as well as more frequent oil changes and service to keep your tractor and its engine at peak performance. Using higher-quality engine oil means getting more accomplished in the field quicker and needing less engine oil to get the job done. 

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