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Christmas Tree Pest Management Guides: A Must-Have For The Growing Season

By Jill O’Donnell

The following pest management guides, available through Michigan State University Extension, contain useful information to help you identify and manage insects, diseases, weeds and plant health problems you may encounter when growing Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Pest Manual

One of the most used resources for Christmas tree and nursery growers, the “Christmas Tree Pest Manual” has been updated and is now available at the MSU Extension Bookstore. “Christmas Tree Pest Manual Third Edition” is designed to help you identify and control damaging pests of Christmas trees in the North Central and Northeastern regions of the United States. This edition includes several new pest problems with a greater emphasis on pests of fir trees.

To order a copy, go to: Christmas Tree Pest Manual Third Edition (E2676).

Weed Control in Christmas Trees

Weeds can compete for water and nutrients and may affect tree growth throughout the Christmas tree rotation. A successful program may include mowing and hand-weeding along with applying residual pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides. Consider the tree species, age, growth stage, size, time of year and soil type when choosing herbicides.

 “Weed Control in Christmas Trees” can help you develop a weed management plan for your farm. The bulletin lists available herbicides and provides easy-to-read tables to help you choose the best products to address weed issues in your fields.

To order a copy, go to: Weed Control in Christmas Trees (E3237).

Michigan Christmas Tree Pest Management Guide

The “Michigan Christmas Tree Pest Management Guide” contains current pesticide recommendations for managing insects, mites and diseases. This guide is updated each year, and you should always have the latest copy at your office. The latest copy is always available on the MSU Integrated Pest Management – Christmas Trees page.

To download the 2017 guide, go to: 2017 Michigan Christmas Tree Pest Management Guide.

IPM Pocket Guide for Weed Identification in Christmas Trees

Weed identification is a critical first step to creating an effective weed management program. “An IPM Pocket Guide for Weed Identification in Christmas Trees” contains color photographs along with detailed descriptions of many of the common weeds found in Christmas tree plantations.