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CLAAS EASY on board app

The EASY on board app from CLAAS has now received official AEF certification as an ISOBUS terminal. This app is the first, and so far only, app for a tablet PC and can be used to operate any ISOBUS implement.
The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) has certified two functionalities of the CLAAS app at the same time – ISOBUS UT and Auxiliary Control. The abbreviation UT stands for Universal Terminal, which means that the app can be used to operate a wide range of ISOBUS implements. This has the great advantage that users only need one terminal for all the different implements. Auxiliary Control, on the other hand, means enhanced user-friendliness and flexibility as the various implement functions can be transferred from the app to the function buttons of any Aux-compatible multi-function control lever.
Having obtained certification, the EASY on board app is now listed in the official AEF database. Farmers and contractors can, for example, use this database to check which implements can be controlled with the EASY on board app before making a new investment.
How the EASY on board app works
The flexible options offered by a tablet PC, which is already in use on many farms, make the EASY on board app a low-cost alternative to the standard ISOBUS terminal. When it is not being used to control an implement, a tablet can be used all year round for many other agricultural and non-agricultural purposes – from surfing the internet to answering e-mails, navigation to checking the weather forecast. With the EASY on board app, every driver can use his or her personal tablet as a terminal for machine control.
To use the EASY on board app, you need an Apple tablet (iPad Air or newer) with the operating system IOS 9.0 or later. On the machine side, the app assumes that the implement and tractor are connected by an ISOBUS cable and the rear ISOBUS socket. A special WLAN adapter (CWI - CLAAS Wireless Interface) and a universal mount for the tablet are also needed. Both are available from CLAAS dealers.
The WLAN adapter, which is connected to the in-cab ISOBUS socket on the tractor, allows communication between the implement and the tablet; at the same time, the socket and adapter also guarantee a reliable power supply to the tablet.
Source : Claas

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