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Clean Fuel Standard To Be Introduced By Federal Government

We don't know many details about what next week's throne speech in Ottawa will contain, but one thing is clear.
It will include details about something the federal Liberals have been talking about for years, and are planning to set in motion this fall. It's called the clean fuel standard, or CFS, for short. Federal ag minister Marie Claude Bibeau sent out a tweet on the weekend saying farmers stand to benefit from the CFS by increasing demand for biofuels and create new markets for their crops.
Some critics say the clean fuel standard is nothing more than another federal carbon tax, only this time, hidden from view. The National Post reports that instead of charging the user at the pump or when they turn on their furnace, the producer will be charged depending on the level of carbon produced. Companies that purchase that fuel will be dinged and those costs will be passed onto consumers. The prime minister hinted weeks ago, this would be a "green" throne speech. Environmental groups said last week, this is the last chance for Justin Trudeau to prove to them, he's a climate change leader.
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