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Coca-Cola Canada Invests $150,000 in 4-H Canada’s New First-Generation Scholarship

– 4-H Canada is excited to announce a new program that will provide $150,000 in scholarships towards first-generation post-secondary students, thanks to a grant from The Coca-Cola Foundation. The scholarship program will focus on supporting students interested in making a positive impact in communities across Canada through skills and knowledge gained in their continued education.

As a Canada 150 signature partner, 4-H Canada is looking beyond 2017 to the next 150 years, and the tools youth need to ensure their personal and professional success. The launch of the First-Generation Scholarship will support this legacy, providing 150 bright young minds with $1,000 towards their postsecondary education. Any 4-H member who is the first in their immediate family attending a postsecondary institution or a post-graduate program is eligible to apply.

This new partnership with The Coca-Cola Foundation supports 4-H Canada’s work to help youth explore their career interests, develop new skill sets, prepare for the workforce and become leaders in a widerange of sectors.

By playing an active role in helping students pursue their education goals and encouraging a love for lifelong learning, 4-H Canada aims to empower Canadian youth to become responsible, caring and contributing leaders that affect positive change in the world around them.

“At Coca-Cola, we believe education holds an extraordinary promise to change lives,” said Helen Smith Price, President, The Coca-Cola Foundation. “By providing financial assistance to youth who are pursuing post-secondary education, we hope they are encouraged to pursue their academic dreams and realize their full and unique potential.”

“We know that education creates opportunities and it makes a positive impact on the minds of brilliant young people,” said 4-H Canada CEO, Shannon Benner. “We are grateful to The Coca-Cola Foundation for showing their strong commitment to supporting the development of Canadian youth as they find their voice on issues important to them through their academic studies and involvement in 4-H.” 

Source: 4-H Canada