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Combine Clinics Prep Growers for a Productive Harvest

Combine Clinics Prep Growers for a Productive Harvest

Harvest is when all your hard work pays off. But are you making the most of what your combine has to offer? Attending a Case IH combine clinic is the best way to learn how to improve performance and boost your productivity this harvest season. 

What is a combine clinic?

Combine clinics are a valuable opportunity to connect with your Case IH dealer and combine product specialists — as well as other producers — to make sure you’re ready going into harvest season. Clinics are hosted at most local dealerships to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to make each harvest more productive than the last.

More than a seminar, a combine clinic is a place to hear from other producers about their harvest successes and challenges. This is especially useful, as other growers in attendance will likely be harvesting under similar conditions. As a result, you’ll gain a better understanding of what local producers are doing to optimize their combine performance, allowing you to adjust your equipment accordingly and maximize yields.

What does a combine clinic cover?

A standard combine clinic usually involves:

  • Learning how to properly set your combine and headers for your unique field conditions
  • Gaining valuable tips and how-to advice for a more productive harvest
  • Spending time with Case IH representatives, local dealers and other producers to share knowledge and discuss strategies
  • Discussing ways to cut down on downtime and deal with maintenance, repair and other harvest-related performance topics
  • Talking through key safety measures that will protect you and your team out in the field
  • Learning about the latest product offerings that can help you combat harvest challenges
  • Restocking on parts needed to repair and maintain your Axial-Flow® combine and Case IH combine header
  • Discussing new technology that can enhance the functionality of your combine and streamline your operation
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