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Company behind lab-grown milk protein eyes Canadian animal-free dairy market

An Israeli food tech company says it now has the green light to sell its lab-grown milk protein to dairy manufacturers and food companies in Canada.

Remilk said Monday it received a "letter of no objection" from Health Canada regarding its version of the BLG protein, which can be used as a non-animal source ingredient in products that look and taste like traditional milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

The protein is equivalent to its cow-derived counterpart but no animals are involved in its creation through a process called precision fermentation, the company said, adding that it's seeking a Canadian partner to help launch and distribute its product.

Animal-free dairy is more environmentally sustainable than traditional dairy production, and it also doesn't contain lactose, cholesterol or growth hormones, Remilk said.

A notice posted on Health Canada's website confirms the federal agency has no objection to the use of the animal-free milk protein in food, and no safety concerns.

Health Canada received a submission in 2022 to allow the sale of the BLG protein produced from a genetically modified yeast strain and scientists conducted a thorough analysis of the data Remilk provided, the notice said.

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