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Conservative MP Says Federal Governments Lack Of Interest In Agriculture's Dire Situation Is Unacceptable

The House of Commons held limited sittings last week before resuming the Special Committee on COVID-19.
Conservative MP for Cypress Hills-Grassland, Jeremy Patzer was in Ottawa and took part in the discussions, as well as the virtual meeting for the Agriculture and Agri-Food Committee. 
Patzer says the governments lack of interest to agriculture's dire situation is just unacceptable.
"Minister Bibeau was talking about how they want farmers to better utilize the BRM programs because there's money just sitting there for them to come and grab. Well, we heard from the mushroom farmers that in fact, on their studies, they would have to go bankrupt before they would actually qualify for any of the money in the program as it currently sits.  We're hearing much the same from a lot of farmers out this way as well. That the situation is that they almost have to be at the point of going under before their able to get their hands on that money."
He notes we're hearing reports that if change doesn't happen and proper support isn't given or issued to farmers across the board - not just with our cattle but with our grain farmers.  We're at risk of losing 15% of farms in Canada by the end of this year.
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