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Cook smart - The Red Cross' fire safety mantra

Fire Prevention Week (October 8-14) has the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago drawing attention to the dangers lurking in our kitchens: the risk of cooking fires. 

Mark Thomas, Interim CEO for the Red Cross of Illinois, urges vigilance. "While cooking is a communal joy, it's also the main source of home fires. “Don't leave it unwatched,” he advises. 

Key cooking safety guidelines include: 

  • Constant supervision when frying, grilling, or broiling. 

  • Wearing appropriate attire. 

  • Keeping a keen eye on simmering, baking, or roasting dishes. 

  • Using a timer as a safety net. 

  • Keeping a clear three-foot radius around the stove. 

  • Ensuring potential fire sources are kept away from heat. 

  • Regular kitchen cleaning to prevent grease fires. 

  • Owning and understanding a fire extinguisher. 

  • Double-checking kitchen appliances before bedtime or outings. 

  • Properly setting up and maintaining smoke alarms. 

The Red Cross offers help for those in need of smoke alarms. They also recommend their First Aid app for immediate emergency advice. Through their Home Fire Campaign since 2014, the Red Cross has championed fire safety, resulting in saving almost 2,000 lives.

In the past week alone, they assisted 35 people affected by home fires in several cities. Their support encompasses financial, food, and essential supplies. For emergency aid, dial 800-RED-CROSS. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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