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Corn Club Results

Pennsylvania Five Acre Corn Club Results to be Posted. This was another record breaking year for the Corn Club. The results should be on-line Tuesday.

The results of the 2013 Pennsylvania Five Acre Corn Club should be posted on-line by Tuesday. This was another record breaking year for the Corn Club, with yields averaging 236.9 bu/ acre. The top yield in the no-till class this year was 273.8 bu/acre, achieved by Marlyn Shaffer from Lake Ariel, PA in Wayne County. The top yield in the tilled class was 263.2 achieved by Glenn Krall from Lebanon in Lebanon County.

There was a time when 200 bushels per acre was a top yield but this year only 4 of the 54 entries were less than 200 bushels. The 2013 Corn Club is a testament to our grower’s commitment to striving for higher yields. Our records indicated that corn club yields have been growing at about 3.7 bushels per acre per year, almost twice the growth rate of average yields in the state which are increasing at 2.0 bushels per acre.

Our summary of other production practices is always insightful to study. It shows that the average final stand is right around 31,000 plants per acre and more and more entrants are using no-till planting. There is an increasing number of corn club fields planted in rotation with other crops like soybeans. Over 70% of fields are side-dressed now and 50% have received a fungicide application. Despite the higher plant populations, the down and barren plants percentages are at or less than 2.0%

The Five Acre Corn Club is collaboration between the Pennsylvania Corn Growers Association and Penn State Extension.

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