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Country Music Superstar Luke Bryan Goes Back to His Roots to Support Pig Farmers

Country Music Superstar Luke Bryan Goes Back to His Roots to Support Pig Farmers

As part of its ongoing effort to dispel common misconceptions about modern pig farming, the National Pork Board is teaming up with country music superstar and five-time Entertainer of the Year winner, Luke Bryan. Drawing on his childhood upbringing on a Georgia farm, Bryan understands and appreciates the hard work more than 60,000 pig farmers across the United States put in every day.

“I have so much respect for pig farmers,” said Bryan. “I know how hard they work – from sun-up to sundown, and it’s exciting to be a part of a project helping show consumers the real care that happens on pig farms around the country.”

The National Pork Board’s latest campaign centers around a focus group video that metaphorically compares a modern pig farm to a five-star hotel. The focus group participants think they are providing feedback on a state-of-the-art hotel that includes strict cleaning protocols, well-balanced diets recommended by trained experts and reusing and recycling initiatives to use less land, water and energy.

At the end of the conversation, participants realize that the discussion was not about a five-star hotel, but rather the real story of what happens every day on a modern pig farm.

As the gap continues to widen between the farm and the fork, there is an opportunity to help share the story of people and practices involved in pig farming today.

“Pig farmers are dedicated to people, pigs and the planet, and that means contributing to local communities, making sure their animals are well cared for and focusing on the environment for the next generation,” Bryan said. “Farmers are the backbone of this country and with my 13th Farm Tour coming up, I can’t wait to get back to visiting with farmers and fans.”

Bryan’s Farm Tour is a rural concert series held on farms throughout the Midwest during September. As part of this year’s tour, the National Pork Board is partnering with Farmland®, a brand of Smithfield Foods, to donate a truckload of pork to local foodbanks in each of the states hosting the six tour stops. The donations will help provide high-quality protein, which is one of the most valuable resources food banks distribute – to help fight food insecurity across the Midwest. Supporting people and communities in this way are just a few of the We Care® ethical principles pig farmers live by. 

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