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Crop Conditions Impacting Yield Expectations

The Cargill Knowledge Tent is a busy place at Ag in Motion taking place at Langham, SK.
Bruce Burnett the Director of Marketing and Weather for Glacier Farm Media is one of the presenters.
He talked to producers about Global Growing Conditions including the situation and yield expectations right here at home.
He expects an average wheat crop and likely a 7 to 8% reduction in the canola crop here due to the unevenness and poor crop stands we’re seeing.
“It could be a lot lower if we get weather conditions that aren’t positive; now, these rains are good. The canola it’s gotten it growing, and the crops are developing, but we’re just going to have some issues here with the end of the season I feel because of the lateness of the crop.”
Burnett says as well as what’s happening here he’s also watching what’s happening globally in key growing areas.
“The biggest one certainly is the U-S Corn belt and the corn crop. We’ve seen an impact of that already in prices; the corn prices have gone up significantly from prior to these issues. It’s much the same problem that we had except they had too much moisture. So, the crops didn’t get in on time and so we’ve seen this delayed planting which does reduce yield.”
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