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Crop Report for the Period August 2 to August 8, 2022

The past week saw very sporadic weather systems move through Saskatchewan with some regions having hot dry days while others experienced cool rainy days that have further delayed crop development. Producers in the latter areas would like to see some hot dry weather to help crops mature and allow for harvest to begin.

Most of the province has not started harvest operations; overall progress has reached one per cent as producers in the southwest and west central regions get their harvesting operations in full swing. This is slightly behind the five-year average (2017-2021) of two per cent. At this time in 2021, the provincial harvest progress was seven per cent, illustrating just how different the growing conditions have been in the province between this year and last.

Most of the southern half of the province did not get much rain over the past week, with most rainfall reports being between trace amounts and 10 mm; the Weyburn area, however, received 25 mm. Further north, the Rosthern and Hague areas received 35 mm, while in the west, Macklin area producers received up to 61 mm over the course of an evening. Prince Albert also received some localized and very heavy rainfall, with some producers reporting 71 mm over two days. The rain will be beneficial to pasture land and flowering crops, but producers would like to see warmer weather in the forecast to speed up crop development.

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we finally get some decent rain with area totals from .5" to 1.5" The crops immediately show a reduction in stress symptoms and more dryland canola gets an opportunity to germinate.