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CWA Next Gen Agriculture Mentorship Program Deadline Jan 15

Canadian Western Agribition “Next Gen Agriculture” program is expected to attract a lot of interest.

It’s the first year for the 18 month mentorship program that involves all aspects of the agriculture sector from crop production, livestock, value-added processing, and entrepreneurship.

CEO Chris Lane says they will be selecting eight applicants for the 18-month agriculture mentorship program.

“It’s open to young people in Saskatchewan between the ages of 18 and 39. This mentorship is really designed to be extensive and build broad-based skills for people in the industry. So they can go back to their hometown, communities, and their industries and help lead, sit on boards and help advocate. So it really is an exciting opportunity and we’re looking forward to kicking it off.”

He notes the program includes all aspects of the agriculture sector:

“Whether you’re in grains or oilseeds, livestock production or even interested in agriculture as a way to get into entrepreneurship or you’re on the value-added product side. We certainly have programs for that as well as part of this Next Gen Agriculture Mentorship experience. Really the amount of expertise that we have and that we’re able to connect with mentees is going to be pretty spectacular.”

The deadline to apply for the “Next Gen Agriculture” mentorship program is January 15.

Source : Discoverestevan