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CWT Assists With 364,000 Pounds of Dairy Product Export Sales

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) member cooperatives accepted five offers of export assistance from CWT that helped them capture sales contracts for 86,000 pounds (40 MT) of American-type cheese, 88,000 pounds (40 MT) of whole milk powder and 190,000 pounds (85 MT) of cream cheese. The product is going to customers in Asia and Middle East-North Africa and will be delivered from May through November 2024.

CWT-assisted member cooperative year-to-date export sales total 41.2 million pounds of American-type cheeses, 309,000 pounds of butter (82% milkfat), 769,000 pounds of anhydrous milkfat, 11.8 million pounds of whole milk powder and 4.1 million pounds of cream cheese. The products are going to 26 countries in five regions. These sales are the equivalent of 526 million pounds of milk on a milkfat basis.

Assisting CWT members through the Export Assistance program positively affects all U.S. dairy farmers and cooperatives by fostering the competitiveness of U.S. dairy products in the global marketplace and helping member cooperatives gain and maintain world market share for U.S. dairy products.

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