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Donate and Support The friends of the Food bank, Ontario Farmers feeding Ontario Families

The friends of the Food bank have been instrumental alongside financial support from Ontario Pork in supplying ground pork to the Association of Food Banks for the last 7 years. Throughout this time due to donations from companies such as yourselves we have managed to get 1.5 million portions of pork to those who have no real choice but to visit Food Banks to help feed their families. In the last year alone, we have been able to deliver 131,962 portions of fresh pork.

In 2022-23 some 4.3 million visits were made to Food Banks in Ontario with some 587,000 seniors, adults and children being supported through the network of food banks.

Without dwelling on any political rationale for the influx of Food Bank usage throughout Ontario we feel that an appeal to the greater audience and the generosity shown in previous years would help raise funds to show Ontario that Agriculture is a caring society which through donations we can fill a much-needed void of fresh protein into families in need.

This program has always been about Ontario Farms and Industry feeding Ontario Families with ALL the product being sourced solely from Ontario processors. Whilst we appreciate that the economic climate is tough for everyone, we are appealing to your better nature to keep this much-needed program rejuvenated. Our ask is for you as producers to reach out to your suppliers and ask them to donate to create and industry wide appeal.

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