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Dry Bean Harvest Inching Forward in Western Production Regions

The dry bean harvest is underway in portions of the western production regions, but remains at least another couple of weeks away in Ontario, according to the latest crop update from Thompsons Ltd.
The majority of the dry bean crop in Ontario looks good to excellent. Few isolated diseases and bug issues but nothing overly concerning. The crops seem to be about two weeks away from the desiccant period in preparation for harvest.
Cooler temperatures as we finish off summer ranging from 18-22°C and then spiking next Wednesday (Sept. 11) with 28°C. Mainly sun in the forecast with little chances of precipitation Friday and next Wednesday. Temperatures are dropping to 14°C overnight.
The USDA reported the dry edible bean crop as 57% good to excellent compared to 54% last week. 81% of the crop is setting pods this week, up from 66% last week. Dry beans have started dropping leaves this week at 6%, which is behind 26% at this time last year. The forecast for Michigan is showing temperatures in the low 70s (°F) reaching 84°F next Wednesday. Rain is predicted Friday, Sunday and Wednesday.
Manitoba dry beans are looking for the most part, good to excellent. Harvest is estimated at 1% complete, versus the three-year average of 3%. Cool temperatures with a sudden drop Saturday and Wednesday, reaching a low of 14°C. Rain expected Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
The crops in the general Mindak area are looking great as the harvest is right around the corner. The bean plants are starting to shed leaves and pods are drying down. The area could use some sun after a couple of cloudy, cool, rainy days.
North Dakota crop report indicates the crop as 58% good to excellent. Leaf drop is 63% behind the 84% last year. Harvest has started at 1%, which is well behind the 34% last year. Minnesota dry beans are 48% dropping leaves which is three days ahead of the average. Harvest is 2% underway with a crop rating of 67% good to excellent, which is an improvement from last week. No deliveries into our facility as of yet but we are expecting some at the end of the week.
The weather in the MinnDak area is about 70°F Thursday and Friday this week and cooling off to 57°F and dropping to 48°F at night.
Source : Syngenta

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