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Early Crop Yields Not Great, Improvement Expected

An agronomist at Catellier Seeds in Dufrost says early harvest results are disappointing. Scott Robinson says while it's still very early, the yield, in terms of bushels-per-acre, is not great.
"Barley seems to be around the high 70's for yield. Fall rye, I'm hearing yields anywhere in the 60's in terms of bushels-per-acre, so that's below average. Some CPS (Canadian Prairie Spring) red wheat around 45 bushels to the acre, which is well below average and then some CWRS (Canadian Western Red Spring) wheat, this is very preliminary, just a small strip within a field, about 40 bushels an acre, definitely lower than average."
He adds the quality of the grain is about average. Robinson cautions these are early seeded crops that probably did not benefit as much from the early July rains.
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