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Earthwise to host Pollinators for Farmers workshop

Bees and other pollinators provide valuable pollination services to the agriculture industry, yet they are threatened by loss of habitat. Creating habitat for native pollinators can enhance local biodiversity and in turn have a positive impact on food production.
If you would like to learn more about the role of pollinators on farms, Earthwise is hosting an informative and inspiring two-day Pollinators for Farmers workshop on October 19 and 20.
The workshop will begin with an examination of issues that currently affect pollinators. Provincial apiculturist Paul van Westendorp will discuss the role and importance of pollinators in agriculture and the struggle of habitat loss.
Tyler Kelly, of the department of biological sciences at SFU, will speak about bee biology, the importance of native pollinators, how to recognize native bees and bee habitat.
Following lunch, the workshop will take an in-depth look at how to effectively and easily plant to attract pollinators on farms and explore plant selection and restoration. This will be followed by a field trip to a local farm to look at pollinator-friendly plantings, discover ways to make a farm pollinator-friendly and learn more about the role of native plants in pollination.
The second day has a more hands-on focus, beginning with a pollinator garden walk and talk at the Alaksen Pollinator Garden. Following the garden tour, participants will break into discussion groups where they will exchange concerns, challenges and solutions. Individuals will then have an opportunity to complete a workbook to help them develop and share ideas to increase pollinator habitats on their properties.
For farmers who would like to develop a personalized pollinator plan for their own farms, participants will be offered the unique opportunity to receive a one-on-one follow-up consultation at their farms. Anyone who would like to learn more about planting for pollinators and the role of pollinators in agriculture is welcome to attend.
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